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what i saw yesterday…

yesterday Dave and i went a little hike. well, a long hike. in total we walked over 20km. we started out in cape spear, the (disputed) most easterly point in north america and hiked north back to st john’s along the east coast trail. aside for some irritating moments where the trail was poorly marked, it was a great adventure.
there are many photos, so i will break them up into sections related to the hike.

cape spear – blackhead

we played in some of the WWII-era tunnels at cape spear before heading off. Shortly after leaving cape spear we noticed some whales breaching. we expect they were humpbacks. Mostly we saw explosions of water and heard the ‘slap’ of their fall back to the water. it was magic. we continued out hike to the small fishing community of blackhead

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a study in texture and a new charity

hello out there

It’s been a couple of months since I added another knitting primate item. This past weekend I banished my procrastination to the curb and finally finalized my latest pattern, the study in texture shawl. It is a triangular shawl constructed with multiple bands of variously textured stitches. The pattern calls for a lovely soft llama wool; I also recommend using alpaca or merino. The differently textured bands give visual appeal and interest (or at least I hope :]). It also features cable rope edging which lends a unique aspect to the shawl.

It’s a fairly easy to knit pattern. Once you establish the rhythm of the cables and the increases that give the shawl its triangular shape, it’s just a matter of switching between the various textured stitches. Some will be familiar, others maybe a little new but all easy enough to follow after you repeat the stitch pattern once or twice.

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“exploring” clayoquot sound

the reason we went to tofino is because i wanted to explore clayoquot sound, which is a beautiful, diverse, and endangered ecosystem. it was home to anti-logging protests back in the 80s.

it was on the top of my list of places i wanted to see in the world. We booked a 6 hour kayak tour called ‘clayoquot explorer’ because i wanted to spend as much time paddling through the sound as possible.

the tour was not aptly named. we basically paddled out to the very edge of the sound along the pacific ocean. it was nice in its own right, but not at all what i wanted. the next day we went into the sound and hiked up a mountain though, so that made up for the disappointment. those photos are to come


various visits to the beach

it’s christmas… it’s about time i finished editing and posting the photos from my summer vacations…


on a roll…

posting this morning inspired me to continue… i don’t need to pay attention to class anyway right… ahem.

These are photos from our morning in Ucluelet… again I highly recommend visiting this town!


distant memories

… it’s been too long. our trip feels like so long ago sometimes i forget i was there… here are some photos to remind me. These are from Ucluelet on the very west coast of Vancouver Island next to the Pacific Rim National Park. It was, I think, the most beautiful place we went to. Amazing coast line I could have explored for days and days. Unfortunately we were only there for one night.

It is in a different format that usual because it is faster to post this way. Just click on one of the photos and then you can scroll through the gallery