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i now pronounce you…

… a wedding photographer.

A couple interesting lessons and tidbits i learned from my day playing a wedding photographer:

  1. it is a serious work out. all the time is spend squatting, running around, and holding up the camera left me with some significant post-wedding delayed-onset-muscle-soreness. Particularly my quads – they hated my existence for the following three days
  2. it is exhausting work. by the reception i was completely spent. When i wasn’t still taking pictures, i was sitting at the table entirely spaced out. Which was unfortunate because i was sitting with an old friend i would have loved to have spent hours catching up with.
  3. working for a relaxed bride is amazing, especially when they are also one of your closest friends
  4. i not so secretly enjoyed having a legitimate excused for being perfectly bossy and blunt

I already showed the pictures below to Mandy and Kyle before they whisked away on their exciting honeymoon in Italy (if only I could have also been their honeymoon photographer because they are going to my two favourite Italian cities, Rome and Venice). I think that it is fair to share them to my larger (relatively speaking) audience since they already got first viewing. Once the rest are edited and i have sent them on to the newlyweds I will post some more.

Let me know what you think, i am simultaneously proud and completely self-conscious about them.

I love Mandy’s attitude in this picture. I feel like she is trying to pick ME up

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