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various visits to the beach

it’s christmas… it’s about time i finished editing and posting the photos from my summer vacations…


the captured faces of water

or: how to wait patiently for waves to come only after you have put your camera away – Bruce Peninsula part seven

Water is such an interesting thing to watch and to photograph. When you sit and observe it for minutes or hours you start to see the interesting moments water creates and how its behaviour is so easily anthropomorphized.

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waters of grey and blue

or: how seagulls are truly uncooperative models – Bruce Peninsula part three

the first foray on to the shores of Georgian bay began grey and a little dreary – if not still beautiful. All morning it had rained and looked as if it might tarnish dave’s first time camping. thankfully the rain relented.

i remember being told as a child not to touch feathers because they are extraordinarily dirty and you can get diseases from them. this is unfortunate, because i do love playing with feathers. i wonder if there is any true to this statement or something an adult said once to stop me from playing with something they just didn’t want me to play with. similar to how my big brother told me that cheese whiz was made of snails and i never consumed it again

a little out of place

the beginning of primary succession. see – i can use my expensive university education for something.

you can see the sun starting to come out here

I love my 50mm prime lens, but it is not ideal for shooting landscapes. this is part of a mouth of a large shallow cave but i wish i could have gotten a shot of the mouth of the cave from the back to show you its grandiosity as it opened out into the water.

the mouth – or rather part of the mouth – of the grotto. this is a cave half filled with water that you can swim in (awesome). there is even a tunnel from inside the cave out into Georgian bay. the water was prohibitively rough to attempt swimming the tunnel though. i suppose i will just have to go back. preferably when there are not hordes of other tourists.

Dave and i went swimming here in our final evening. there were no other campers around and the water had calmed down significantly. around that corner in the picture  was a fantastic cliff face we could climb up from the water and jump off. i think this was the most fantastic and enjoyable swimming i have ever done in my entire life. Georgian bay has the most fantastic water – clear blue and cold. the bottom is all flat limestone and drops off into deep darkness. i miss it.