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new camera – new post

i picked up a new camera this week. save for travel photos, i have neglected my photography in recent years. in large part this is because i have grown sick of lugging around a big DLSR. i  figured i would try out a compact systems camera for a change of pace and picked up the fuji x-m1. so far i’m rather happy with the results. i think i’ll try to take photos daily again. another camera, another 365 project.

trees will likely feature heavily as i’m attempting to expand my tree identification skills and because trees are awesome. bella will also feature heavily, because she’s bella (see below for evidence)

here is 05-27-14-05 to 05-29-14


i want to ride my bicycle

we explored vancouver on bicycle. some of the locals may have qualms, but i thought the bike lanes were fantastic! Toronto please take note! we mostly biked around stanley park and then met up for dinner and catch up with my college roommate. a good day, even the stretch where, as a result of exhaustion, i was a rather odd blend of zombie and giddy. stanley park was very beautiful, and to be so close to such a major metropolitan area – it is wonderful! yay urban trees.

somewhere near the beginning of stanley park trail. it’s a one way trail so you have to commit

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on green thumbs and furniture i can’t afford

I got in to UofT’s geography masters program. Yay me. Now I have to figure out what I am going to be studying. Sure I wrote a “research statement” for my application, but I wrote that in less than a week and had no idea what I wanted to do, I just wanted in. Now I am in and can figure out what I really want to study over the next year. It will have to do with urban ecosystems and urban forests and so on, but I have no details or specifics. I may try to regularly post about my progress as way of encouraging me to write about what I am learning. I am sure someone out there will find it mildly interesting.

Speaking of Urban Ecosystems, I have put some work in on my personal urban forest – the kind that grows in pots

Our mantle needed a little sprucing up so I separated my philodendron into four colourful pots (i think they are made out of bamboo – but they are from the dollar store, so who really knows). I am hoping they all explode – photosynthetically that is, I don’t want my apartment to explode because of volatile plant elements.

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the day the groundhog was no more

Shortly before I moved from Hamilton, I found this beautiful foot trail behind my building. Spring in the Dundas Valley will greatly be miss. I took frankie for a couple walks down this way and the day I took these pictures was the day frankie caught and killed a groundhog. I though him incapable of actually catching anything – he is such an ogre and so uncoordinated. He was rather pleased with himself, though I was not.


Trees, Trees, Trees

I just read this article from American Forests (a non-profit dedicated to the conservation and expansion of America’s forests) about Portland’s initiative to plant 83 000 trees as part of their sewer management program. It is a good article, it talks about the programs potential as well as the unknowns and criticisms. I look forward to hearing about Geoffrey Donovan’s research into the measurable impact of tree cover on peak sewage flow. He is a research ecologist for the US Forest Service and if your interest is peaked you can find his publications (several of which center around the value of urban trees) if you follow the link.

Urban tree’s have many values other than sewer. I plan on looking through Donovan’s research and the larger research literature about urban forests and write-up my synopsis in the weeks to come. Toronto seems to have decent forest cover in some neighbourhoods, but I would love to get a genuine idea of the state of TO’s urban forest.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the article.


Roman trees framing the Colosseum