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what i saw yesterday…

yesterday Dave and i went a little hike. well, a long hike. in total we walked over 20km. we started out in cape spear, the (disputed) most easterly point in north america and hiked north back to st john’s along the east coast trail. aside for some irritating moments where the trail was poorly marked, it was a great adventure.
there are many photos, so i will break them up into sections related to the hike.

cape spear – blackhead

we played in some of the WWII-era tunnels at cape spear before heading off. Shortly after leaving cape spear we noticed some whales breaching. we expect they were humpbacks. Mostly we saw explosions of water and heard the ‘slap’ of their fall back to the water. it was magic. we continued out hike to the small fishing community of blackhead

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out and about in tofino

while out exploring tofino


various visits to the beach

it’s christmas… it’s about time i finished editing and posting the photos from my summer vacations…


getting your pictured taken can be boring

Try not to yawn while looking at this photo


the hardest part of apple picking is getting to the orchard

At least for some people : )

Dave, Sister Jen and myself went apple picking last weekend. Apples were picked, portraits were taken, fun was had, and later pies were baked.

My ruling on apple picking: great fun – just don’t let Sister Jen give you directions to the orchard.

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i now pronounce you…

… a wedding photographer.

A couple interesting lessons and tidbits i learned from my day playing a wedding photographer:

  1. it is a serious work out. all the time is spend squatting, running around, and holding up the camera left me with some significant post-wedding delayed-onset-muscle-soreness. Particularly my quads – they hated my existence for the following three days
  2. it is exhausting work. by the reception i was completely spent. When i wasn’t still taking pictures, i was sitting at the table entirely spaced out. Which was unfortunate because i was sitting with an old friend i would have loved to have spent hours catching up with.
  3. working for a relaxed bride is amazing, especially when they are also one of your closest friends
  4. i not so secretly enjoyed having a legitimate excused for being perfectly bossy and blunt

I already showed the pictures below to Mandy and Kyle before they whisked away on their exciting honeymoon in Italy (if only I could have also been their honeymoon photographer because they are going to my two favourite Italian cities, Rome and Venice). I think that it is fair to share them to my larger (relatively speaking) audience since they already got first viewing. Once the rest are edited and i have sent them on to the newlyweds I will post some more.

Let me know what you think, i am simultaneously proud and completely self-conscious about them.

I love Mandy’s attitude in this picture. I feel like she is trying to pick ME up

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