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Casting on – using Judy’s Magic Cast On as a provisional cast on

Hello dear fellow Knitters.

I’m sure I am not the first to figure this out, but I haven’t found an instructional video out there for how to use Judy’s Magic Cast On (JMCO) – which is a fantastic way to start toe up stocks or slippers – as a provisional cast on for working flat.

What I like about using this method is

1. I get the same number of stitches for my working stitches and my provisional stitches. Having one less stitch when you pick up your provisional CO is the fly in the ointment of provisionally casting on. There are, of course, several other ways around this (ie. decreasing a stitch from you working stitches, or picking up another stitch from the edge when releasing your prov. CO) but I’ve come to love this method. It’s my go to for when I need a provisional cast on.

2. Your provisional stitches are already live and ready either to be knit if you are working in two directions, or seamed if you are seaming. You can hold them ready on a cable with two cable caps (if you have interchangeable needles) or on a stitch holder, or on scrap yarn.

I suggest this method in a couple of my patterns and figured people interested in trying it out could use a tutorial to make it clear what I’m talking about.

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