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knitting ambition (one)

So I love knitting, and I love looking at projects I might one day do. Daily I am searching out patterns, checking out what is new on Ravelry, and daydreaming about what I will cast on next. This is problematic in that each project takes time – often a lot of time – so I am left with an ever elongating queue. Ariane at Falling Stitches has this great series (What’s Hot: Ravelry) where she just posts new patterns she thinks are great. Well, I am stealing this idea (thanks Ariane), because I want to share the things I love and want to make. Also, the photography that comes along with knitting patterns is lovely, so I am also sharing in that passion as well.

What follows are projects that I plan to do, want to do, or just simply love. Click on the photo to link to the ravelry pattern page. The top two images are my next two sweater projects. The yarn is en route from quince and co

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