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oh yeah, i was in bc a couple weeks ago…

not surprisingly, grad school has taken over my life. I all but forgot about my photos until last night. This is because this is the sort of stuff filling my brain now:

… but the startling juxtapositions in a brief roll call like this conjure up a sense of political and intellectual ebullition that is, I think, unprecedented. It is out of the fusion between these two narratives that the discourse I have in mind is generated…

This is from geographical imaginations by Derek Gregory. Much of my time will now be occupied with translating pompous and often over written academic text into concise understandable sentences (note, i don’t think this clip is particularly pompous, or over written. it just happens to be what i am reading at the moment). Yup. Reading theory makes me love those few authors who appreciate brevity.

Anyway, i will quit my belly aching (because really i am rather happy to be where i am, not to mention outrageously fortunate) and post some photos…

these photos chronicle the travel from mainland to island… minus the cathedral grove shots. those deserve their own post.

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