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on crawling out from under that rock

It is dangerously easy to be lazy. Which is what I have been for some months now. Naturally I have been knitting endlessly, but I really need to be more productive than that. So here is me being productive… if you can consider solipsistic blogging productive. I have designed some simple knitting patterns, so hopefully I can rouse myself out of hibernation enough to write them up.

I have taken a few pictures over the months, though not nearly as many as I should/could/would like to. Several of them are now out of season – it no longer being christmas and all, but I post them none the less. Of course, there are images of the knitting I have done. I am, after all, a woman obsessed.

setting up for our christmas party.
big brother two: his presence is so fleeting it is difficult to catch on camera
decorating cookies with the boys at christmas. They have no fear of sugar

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