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a love letter to my e-reader

(I starting this out as a facebook post and realized after the second paragraph it might be better suited as a blog post…)

If you are an avid reader and have been weighing the pros and cons of picking up an e-reader, allow me to weigh in with my perspective and experience

I LOVE MY E-READER. To the ends of the earth. I have had it for two months and am already finishing up my 10th book. I’ve always been a reader with a book on the go, but I’ve never read as much as I have in the past several weeks. Now, this is to be expected in the initial blush of new gadget romance. However my reading has increased from a standard 1 book a month (maybe 2, if they were shorter or so captivating I couldn’t to put them down) to 4-5 books a month.

Here is what I like about my ereader:

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