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things i saw today… st john’s 2013

i’m in st john’s, newfoundland, ostensibly for an academic conference  i am attending (and presenting at), but truly i’m here to soak up the loveliness of the east coast.


here is what i saw today:

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americo, i love you

The cotton flamme yarn from Americo Yarns is definitely the most enjoyable yarn I have worked with. The textures and colour are amazing, and the way the yarn falls before it is even blocked is brilliant. If I had endless money, I would spend a great deal of time in this store! You can also order their yarns online now – so to those knitters out there wanting to work with excellent fibres and colours, try them out.

Below is an image of a shawl I am working on. It is inspired by one of Americo’s patterns (Aspen)

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pre-wedding jitters

or: being a bother with a new camera lens

I went to Henry’s today and picked up a new camera lens in preparation for my friend’s wedding. She managed to convince me to take the photos of the day for her. I am both excited and utterly terrified. To help calm my jitters, I tried out the new lens on, among other things, their wedding invitation. The new lens is a sigma 2.8 17-70. So far me loves it.

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