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Casting on – using Judy’s Magic Cast On as a provisional cast on

Hello dear fellow Knitters.

I’m sure I am not the first to figure this out, but I haven’t found an instructional video out there for how to use Judy’s Magic Cast On (JMCO) – which is a fantastic way to start toe up stocks or slippers – as a provisional cast on for working flat.

What I like about using this method is

1. I get the same number of stitches for my working stitches and my provisional stitches. Having one less stitch when you pick up your provisional CO is the fly in the ointment of provisionally casting on. There are, of course, several other ways around this (ie. decreasing a stitch from you working stitches, or picking up another stitch from the edge when releasing your prov. CO) but I’ve come to love this method. It’s my go to for when I need a provisional cast on.

2. Your provisional stitches are already live and ready either to be knit if you are working in two directions, or seamed if you are seaming. You can hold them ready on a cable with two cable caps (if you have interchangeable needles) or on a stitch holder, or on scrap yarn.

I suggest this method in a couple of my patterns and figured people interested in trying it out could use a tutorial to make it clear what I’m talking about.

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a study in texture and a new charity

hello out there

It’s been a couple of months since I added another knitting primate item. This past weekend I banished my procrastination to the curb and finally finalized my latest pattern, the study in texture shawl. It is a triangular shawl constructed with multiple bands of variously textured stitches. The pattern calls for a lovely soft llama wool; I also recommend using alpaca or merino. The differently textured bands give visual appeal and interest (or at least I hope :]). It also features cable rope edging which lends a unique aspect to the shawl.

It’s a fairly easy to knit pattern. Once you establish the rhythm of the cables and the increases that give the shawl its triangular shape, it’s just a matter of switching between the various textured stitches. Some will be familiar, others maybe a little new but all easy enough to follow after you repeat the stitch pattern once or twice.

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i am the knitting primate

the home for the knitting primate has moved here:


FO – unnamed

Having grown tired of spending endless hours working on a sweater only to have it not fit well (or at all), I decided to design my own sweater from start to finish. I started with some basic measurements for a raglan yoke and an idea of the stitches I wanted to use and this was the result. I am pleased, but haven’t been able to wear it much what with the heat and all.

I thought about writing it up as a pattern for others to maybe knit up; and then I thought about how much work that would be. Inevitably it was my laziness that won out in that battle. I took some pictures though…




I used the little knots stitch on sleeves and back, top down raglan shaping, and short rows for the sleeve caps. Yarn is Malabringo’s Arroyo in coffee toffee (a yarn I wasn’t overly impressed with.) Ta-da!


FO – Kara

The final product of my first cardigan attempt. I am rather pleased. 

The pattern is Kara by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.


knitting ambition (one)

So I love knitting, and I love looking at projects I might one day do. Daily I am searching out patterns, checking out what is new on Ravelry, and daydreaming about what I will cast on next. This is problematic in that each project takes time – often a lot of time – so I am left with an ever elongating queue. Ariane at Falling Stitches has this great series (What’s Hot: Ravelry) where she just posts new patterns she thinks are great. Well, I am stealing this idea (thanks Ariane), because I want to share the things I love and want to make. Also, the photography that comes along with knitting patterns is lovely, so I am also sharing in that passion as well.

What follows are projects that I plan to do, want to do, or just simply love. Click on the photo to link to the ravelry pattern page. The top two images are my next two sweater projects. The yarn is en route from quince and co

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