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a study in texture and a new charity

hello out there

It’s been a couple of months since I added another knitting primate item. This past weekend I banished my procrastination to the curb and finally finalized my latest pattern, the study in texture shawl. It is a triangular shawl constructed with multiple bands of variously textured stitches. The pattern calls for a lovely soft llama wool; I also recommend using alpaca or merino. The differently textured bands give visual appeal and interest (or at least I hope :]). It also features cable rope edging which lends a unique aspect to the shawl.

It’s a fairly easy to knit pattern. Once you establish the rhythm of the cables and the increases that give the shawl its triangular shape, it’s just a matter of switching between the various textured stitches. Some will be familiar, others maybe a little new but all easy enough to follow after you repeat the stitch pattern once or twice.

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i am the knitting primate

Hello Everyone

I have officially opened up my little hobby store: the knitting primate. Really it is a store in two parts. There is an etsy store where I sell small hand knit items designed and made by me; and there is a ravelry store where I sell knitting patterns (sometimes of items I have for sale on etsy) for those other knitters out there.

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75% of all profits from the knitting primate will be donated to a charity of my choice. That charity is currently the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI). OFI is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of orangutans and their rainforest home. You may remember the organization and it’s founder, Birutė Galdikas, from the documentary Born To Be Wild. See below for a snippet from their website, or better yet, visit there website

As most of the people in my life can attest to, I knit a lot. I can no longer watch TV without working on a project; I take my knitting with me in the car, on the bus, on the plane, and sometimes even while walking: I knit while I read, while in class, while socializing; while doing pretty much anything that doesn’t fully need the use of my hands. I even bring my head lamp with me on night-time road trips so that I can keep knitting in the dark (as a passenger, of course). I wonder what the other nighttime travellers think of me when they see my glowing head and my nose is another knitting project.

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Pebbles – knitting pattern

Here is a hat I thought up a while ago and have been perfecting since last winter (as much as I can do so, that is). This incarnation was just knit up for a friend’s birthday and I wanted to write up the pattern in hopes others can enjoy it (click on the link below).

If interested, just download the pdf here: Pebbles

This is a nice slouchy, warm hat for the coming cold. Enjoy


circular knitting

This is a very simple scarf, it just takes a long time to knit. Choose your own colours and alternate as suits your eye.
yarn: ultra fine alpaca from Berroco, doubled up. the colours i used: steel-cut oats, pea soup mix, oceanic mix, redwood mix, prune mix, and potting soil mix.
needles: 3.25mm 80cm circular
cast on 320 stitches onto needles, join in the round (watch for twists. it is a big scarf, so double and triple check it isn’t twisted)
row 1: K5 P5. repeat until you have reached desired width.
I used six colours, and alternated them at some what random based on what i thought looked best.
Make as wide as you like. Mine ended up being 23 inches wide and 52 inches in circumference.
Block (I used wet blocking) to finish it off. Blocking is the key to having it fall nicely