there be dragons… made entirely of mosquitos

this weekend was to be a camping weekend.

may is terrible for camping. the temperature is lovely, but many insects share this sentiment. mosquitos, in particular, are around in droves. i don’t know why i ever think it’s going to be better than completely awful.

despite the liberal use of bug spray, 20 minutes of  hiking into bon echo’s backcountry left my arms covered (i mean covered) with mosquito bites. An executive decision was made and the camping weekend abruptly turned into a cottage weekend. we all but ran back to the car and drove the extra hour to the nearby family cottage. at the cottage there were plenty of bugs (as evidenced in the photos below) but the most conspicuous were dragonflies. which is alright by me as they are the kings of the insect world. i had a moment of panic when i thought i had found a asian longhorned beetle, but it turned out to be a white-spotted sawyer beetle. phew.

i’m still really itchy though.

05-31-14 to 05-01-14


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