what i saw yesterday…

yesterday Dave and i went a little hike. well, a long hike. in total we walked over 20km. we started out in cape spear, the (disputed) most easterly point in north america and hiked north back to st john’s along the east coast trail. aside for some irritating moments where the trail was poorly marked, it was a great adventure.
there are many photos, so i will break them up into sections related to the hike.

cape spear – blackhead

we played in some of the WWII-era tunnels at cape spear before heading off. Shortly after leaving cape spear we noticed some whales breaching. we expect they were humpbacks. Mostly we saw explosions of water and heard the ‘slap’ of their fall back to the water. it was magic. we continued out hike to the small fishing community of blackhead

blackhead – freshwater bay

in this section we noticed moose tracks along the trail. alas, no actual moose. we also took a side “trail” down to the beach on deadman’s bay – complete with a waterfall and a varied selection of washed up trash (seriously, don’t litter!)

freshwater bay – fort amherst

this section saw us (me) getting tired and cranky… then we took a food break… and then we stuck our feet in a pond to recoup and relax for a while… the perfect cure for tired hiker’s feet.

the walk back to st john’s

we had another 3km or so to get back to st john’s (and to food). the sun was setting so it turned out to be a nice walk. the restaurant we planned to go to was closing by the time we got back to town (hey, it takes a long time to walk 20km). we ended up at the rocket a bakery/lunchroom style spot, and it turned out to be perfect.

and then we slept… to hike (and nap) some more the next day


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