i want to ride my bicycle

we explored vancouver on bicycle. some of the locals may have qualms, but i thought the bike lanes were fantastic! Toronto please take note! we mostly biked around stanley park and then met up for dinner and catch up with my college roommate. a good day, even the stretch where, as a result of exhaustion, i was a rather odd blend of zombie and giddy. stanley park was very beautiful, and to be so close to such a major metropolitan area – it is wonderful! yay urban trees.

somewhere near the beginning of stanley park trail. it’s a one way trail so you have to commit

a side trail…

oh hello

getting cheeky. sometimes i don’t know how to act in front of the camera*

bear hug

if my insect identification ability has not failed me, i believe this is a cardinal meadowlark dragonfly. dragonflies get all the coolest names

beaver lake

Dear Douglas Fir
It behooves me to once again exclaim your wondrousness
love jen

lions gate bridge

cambie bridge with emily

*no trees were harmed in the making of this photo


3 Comments to “i want to ride my bicycle”

  1. Jen – love the Vancouver shots, and comparative Grouse Grind. Looking forward to seeing shots from Tofino! My photos are here:

    • Hey Mehmet! so awesome to hear from you!! My photo editing and posting has been waylaid by the commencement of grad school.

      i hope to have more up soon. and thanks for linking to your photos! i will be sure to check them out.

  2. Was so great to see you! Glad you got some beautiful shots 🙂

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