up down then up again. then down some more

i had the pleasure of going to BC. it was awesome. here is some photographic proof of said awesomeness.

early flights

 note the vibrant glacier lakes. take me there please

clearly i like taking photos from the plane

entering the grind

taking a hug break

my first “big” trees. these are tiny compared to some on the island

at the top. a long, arduous, and very busy hike. it was satisfying though the view was not as impressive as hoped. I loved me the trees though.
dear douglas firs,
you are awesome
love jen

being the one behind the camera with a partner who doesn’t like being in front of it means there are few shots of us together from our travels. this photographer gave me the idea for taking this type of travel photo

the descent on the gondola provided the best views. i was rather disappointed I didn’t get to hike down (it isn’t allowed). Dave was rather relieved i couldn’t also drag him down the mountain

happy to be coasting down


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