who’s the boss and a homage to Ariel

There was a trip up  to the cottage a couple weeks ago. I took some pictures, dave took some pictures. Fun was had.

many females around my age went through a stage where the little mermaid was the cat’s meow. This stage included (and potentially still includes, ahem) endlessly singing the songs – particularly breaking out into ‘part of your world’ when you happen upon a large upward slanting rock (you know what I’m talking about), pretending to have fins whenever swimming, and shooting out of the water while epically flipping your hair back (as though, while hanging out with a sea-witch at the bottom of the ocean, you were just granted legs and must rush to the surface for your first gasp of air as a human…)

it has been decided that frankie’s new catch phrase is ‘like a boss’ 

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One Comment to “who’s the boss and a homage to Ariel”

  1. nice photos!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

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