on crawling out from under that rock

It is dangerously easy to be lazy. Which is what I have been for some months now. Naturally I have been knitting endlessly, but I really need to be more productive than that. So here is me being productive… if you can consider solipsistic blogging productive. I have designed some simple knitting patterns, so hopefully I can rouse myself out of hibernation enough to write them up.

I have taken a few pictures over the months, though not nearly as many as I should/could/would like to. Several of them are now out of season – it no longer being christmas and all, but I post them none the less. Of course, there are images of the knitting I have done. I am, after all, a woman obsessed.

setting up for our christmas party.
big brother two: his presence is so fleeting it is difficult to catch on camera
decorating cookies with the boys at christmas. They have no fear of sugar

he had trouble adhering to the “you only get to eat one candy per cookie you decorate” rule. He mostly just ate candy

a collection of most, but not all, of the knitting it did for christmas.
pigeons chilling on the window sill – defecating all over the place
a headwrap I have been designing…
and a grey version

My most recent FO (finished object) – pattern compliments of my favourite yarn company
back at the beginning
my littlest nephew, pausing for a photo-op before tearing onto the play structure
this little dude is such a little model.

And that is all she wrote… or shot… or knit. For now at least.


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