spliting my attention

Hello all

So I haven’t made mention of this on here yet, but I am working with a couple of great people to start up a non-profit organization. I was approached this summer by a good friend and former classmate – with whom I share a passion for primate conservation. He has worked with an NGO in the African country of Cameroon for a couple of years and has been looking to start-up an NPO here in North America to act as a close partner for the NGO in Cameroon. And so, for the past months we have been tinkering away on this and it is starting to pull together. We have gotten some great people on board, have filed for incorporation (and soon will be seeking registered charity status), and we have just launched our website, created (laboriously) by moi.

We are called ERuDeF International (the environment and rural development foundation). Check it out and see what we are all about, which in brief comes down to great ape conservation and research, and rural development to promote sustainability and self-reliance.

Our projects and programs will be starting up in the months to come – if you are interested in helping out, or volunteering and/or conducting research in Cameroon, let me know!


One Comment to “spliting my attention”

  1. Wow, Jen! I’m so happy you do this. I will definitely keep close to see what you guys will be up to. This is so exciting!

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