Pebbles – knitting pattern

Here is a hat I thought up a while ago and have been perfecting since last winter (as much as I can do so, that is). This incarnation was just knit up for a friend’s birthday and I wanted to write up the pattern in hopes others can enjoy it (click on the link below).

If interested, just download the pdf here: Pebbles

This is a nice slouchy, warm hat for the coming cold. Enjoy


3 Comments to “Pebbles – knitting pattern”

  1. This is exactly what I have been searching for! Thank you so much for sharing:D

  2. jen if you ever want to collaborate on knitting, let me know… i am currently working on a custom made dance apparel sweater for my sister which is turning out awesome…. and then i am on to a custom cardigan for trevor. i am so into custom design right now… it’s so rewarding to not only knit something but to own every part of it because you designed it too!!!!!!!!!

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