things that slink and things that slime

or: how patient the mink frog can be  – Bruce Peninsula part five

Slinking along the shore, waiting for the ophidiophobic. We also saw an Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake – the only venomous snake in Ontario. But don’t worry – they really aren’t dangerous because they are afraid of humans and far more likely to flee than to attack and release venom. They also give off an obvious warning rattle so you can easily stay clear. Basically – don’t hurt or kill them because 1) they likely won’t hurt you and 2) they are rare and endangered.

Meet Kermit, as Alan so cleverly anointed him.

This little mink frog (though my classification my be wrong) was lots of fun. He let me get very close. I like to think it is because of my keen fashion sense and my charming disposition.

One of my favourite photos from the trip. He is all like “Hey, what’s up?” Or maybe he is actually  “holy hell I’m so scared I can’t move please get away from me.” But again – I believe it was my charm that lulled him into a sense of ease.

Where Is Waldo


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