circular knitting

This is a very simple scarf, it just takes a long time to knit. Choose your own colours and alternate as suits your eye.
yarn: ultra fine alpaca from Berroco, doubled up. the colours i used: steel-cut oats, pea soup mix, oceanic mix, redwood mix, prune mix, and potting soil mix.
needles: 3.25mm 80cm circular
cast on 320 stitches onto needles, join in the round (watch for twists. it is a big scarf, so double and triple check it isn’t twisted)
row 1: K5 P5. repeat until you have reached desired width.
I used six colours, and alternated them at some what random based on what i thought looked best.
Make as wide as you like. Mine ended up being 23 inches wide and 52 inches in circumference.
Block (I used wet blocking) to finish it off. Blocking is the key to having it fall nicely

2 Comments to “circular knitting”

  1. I love this scarf!!! When you say doubled up, do you mean you used two at the same time or just that you need to skeins in each color?

    • Hi Sammie

      I used two strands of the yarn at the same time. I just split the skein into two balls.

      Does that answer your question? If you have anymore let me know

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