Trees, Trees, Trees

I just read this article from American Forests (a non-profit dedicated to the conservation and expansion of America’s forests) about Portland’s initiative to plant 83 000 trees as part of their sewer management program. It is a good article, it talks about the programs potential as well as the unknowns and criticisms. I look forward to hearing about Geoffrey Donovan’s research into the measurable impact of tree cover on peak sewage flow. He is a research ecologist for the US Forest Service and if your interest is peaked you can find his publications (several of which center around the value of urban trees) if you follow the link.

Urban tree’s have many values other than sewer. I plan on looking through Donovan’s research and the larger research literature about urban forests and write-up my synopsis in the weeks to come. Toronto seems to have decent forest cover in some neighbourhoods, but I would love to get a genuine idea of the state of TO’s urban forest.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the article.


Roman trees framing the Colosseum


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